The week of full moon 🌔

18.5 Saturday night is a full moon night, a rare full moon that will only occur again after 2,5 years. Almost whole Europe can see a rose, light salmon coloured moon on the sky. Meanwhile, I was visiting Amsterdam, then captured a glimpse of moon in the city.

A full moon is always a topic for astrologers, who theoretically point it to an eventful reflection of the past. Believe it or not, I have experienced one. 😉

This week has started peacefully and nicely. At training, we moved from C# desktop application to Design patterns and Unit tests, etc. Wolfgang made a good education camp in this term. We had fun with a blog of C# brain-teaser. 😉

Wednesday I received an offer from a company back home. I am very happy. On Thursday, I signed the contract and sent the scan back. Friday, the contract is confirmed. 😀 🎉

But more eventful time comes on the weekend, good or bad.

The weekend is unusually warm, 22°C on Saturday. I took the train to Amsterdam. Knowing that I will only have 24h including sleeping, hesitated but still went.

Amsterdam is a beautiful city and very alive, maybe one of the most attractive cities on this planet. Only an evening and a day here, I couldn’t visit famous museums as ”Van Gogh”, since online tickets were sold out till 3rd June.

The public transport in Amsterdam is more than excellent, rather spectacular in frequency and efficiency. Having a 24h card (8€), we can easily move around with Metro, Tram, Bus.

Everywhere I go, there are plenty of vivid and joyful youngsters. They form a scene of the city.🎈🤩

Fortunately this time I am not alone to discover the city. I have a guide, who comes from Montréal, Canada, who speaks perfert French and have been here for 2 days.

Everyone knows that orientation is a hard learning curve, if we have a good accompany, it becomes a marvellous adventure. 🤗

My guide’s name is Geneviève, a popular French lady name for whom born in 1920-1940. My husband’s maternal grandmother has the same name. 😆

Geneviève and me met in the Hostelle – Female ONLY 😉, where we happen to share the same dorm. So we really spent 24h together: promenade, restaurants, bars.

With Geneviève’s Quebecois accent, her way of expression (knowing that she works for Radio Canada), I just can love the language and her accent. 😘

Even after I come back to Leer, we had text exchange, her way of writing exactly reflects the richness of the conversation.

I also noticed that Geneviève is sympathetic towards people who are marginal of the society. In the metro, she gave 2€ to a guy, who earns living by selling magazine. Then she told me there are people back in Montréal do the same to earn living. We were just wondering how they can survive the inflation world.

While I am enjoying the magic friendship, my airbnb host back in Leer stormed out to me through WhatsApp. 😖 He thought that I promised to clean the bathroom and couldn’t find whereabouts I am, 😕 complaining that I didn’t let him know my weekend plan.

Should I? 🙄

Well, the bathroom is shared with two other male guests. Why should I be the only one been asked to clean? 🤔

Sexism or Racism? or both?

Moreover, he text me a stressful msg of cleaning request on Friday evening at 21:00 ! After having 8h work + 2h German lesson, and 18 km of cycling, laying in my bed, I had no intention to dispute with anyone, simply replied ”ok, we see tomorrow”. Now, he made a recrimination that I’ve promised him something.

Encountering his aggression, I wrote an explanatory note to airbnb resolution center. In 10 hours, they have solved the case that terminated my stay and refunded me the remaining days. 👍🏻

Sunday evening, back to Leer, upon arrival, I biked to Karin’s place. Karin gives me private German language lessons. She is very kind and warm. We become friends.

To help me, she prepared a room for me at her place, and drove with me to the airbnb host to fetch my stuffs. While on our way, the weather was still calm, but during taking things to the car, it suddenly came a big rain with thunder and lightning. ⛈

What a dramatic full moon weekend! 👻

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