Leathercraft in Tallin, part 2

It’s been 88 days when I arrived to Tallinn ja now I have only 7 days left. Time has gone so fast that I can’t believe this is almost over. Summer has been great, I have get to know totally different Tallinn compared to my perious trips here. And I have learned so much about leather and crafting in Stella Soomlais Studio.

First day when I started my internship here I was right away introduced all the machines in the studio and started to work with leather the same day. And next week I was alredy doing customer orders, pace is quite fast, but thats the way I like it and thats also the way to learn. I started to do small products first like bookmarks, coasters ja keyholders, but now at this point I have also alredy made over 20 bags. Some of them for customers and some of them to the studio shop. Smiling like grazy everytime when customer bought something that I have made! Best feeling ever 🙂

Here is pictures of some of the things I have made here:

Coasters, keyholders and tags
Heavy Metal – wallet
Heavy metal – wallet
Envelope evening bag in gold
Pencil boxes
Cutting straps
Sewing 1,2mm wide straps
Cutting bags
All the bags are numbered and you can also find out who made it and when 🙂
Capital of Plenty – bag that I made for myself
Capital of Penty – bag in blue
Capital of Plenty – bag, details from the backside
Making of
No 521 made by me 🙂
Take a short day off – Bag
Take a short day off – bag
Making my first backbag in Stella Soomlais Studio
Backbag done!

Here is only small part what I have been doing here 🙂

Pictures are all mine so please dont use them without my permission.





– Henna, Design Textile student from Raseko


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