Year in Tallinn

Time flies

They say that time flies when you are having fun. Happened in this case to me too. It has been exactly one year when I packed up my life in Turku and came to Tallinn to have year long Erasmus+ period in Stella Soomlais leatherstudio.

Inspiring Stella Soomlais Studio, full of plants.


I´m sure everybody is sick and tired of this topic already and so am I. First part of the year we had more districtions here in Tallinn. Most of the places were closed all spring and we also worked in two shifts at work to minimize all contacts. During the summer world started to open up, or at least Estonia, thanks to covidpass we had access to restaurants, entertainment and so on. It was also super easy and fast to get all three vaccines in Tallinn.

Stand in front of a restaurant in Telliskivi reminding about covidpass.


Work at leatherstudio has been great! I have learned more than I ever imagined to. In the first summer when I started I didnt really know much about leather at all and now I´m making bigger and more complicated bags daily. I totally recommend if you want to be a skilled crafter no matter with what material, go to the workplace, you´ll learn much more than sitting in the classroom. Be active and ask a lot of questions, it will pay off in the end.

Do Some Serious Business – leather briefcase.

Free time

Tallinn is full of history and cool places to visit. My favorite areas are Noblessner, Kalamaja, Pohjala Tehas and Kadriorg. In Noblessner you can find iceswimming place with sauna by the Baltic sea, Noblessner area is also full of museums and nice restaurants. Kalamaja area is all anout beautiful old buildings and a nice big park. Pohjala Tehas is full of culture and great cafes and restaurants. In Kadriorg must see places definitely KUMU art museum and amazing parks. In KUMU museum you can also take part of ceramic classes and other art classes.

Iceswimming place Noblasulps in Noblessner port.

To learn more about leatherwork take a look at Stella Soomlais website.

Time to finish last school assignments, graduate and see what life brings next!



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