CoBle project meeting in Italy

Seuraavaksi: Karjaa

From Kupittaa train station to Helsinki airport… travelling always takes time.

Week in Reggio Emilia

CoBle project meeting was in Italy, Reggio Emilia. Our meeting started on Monday, when we had a partner meeting at IFOA. Before the meeting, we had a chance to have ice cream or Gelato.

Jäätelöannos ja lusikka
Pistachio ice cream at Reggio Emilia

When we arrived IFOA, there were signs leading us to a meeting room. We made some fine-tuning for weeks agenda and reviewed the content.

Rest of the week was training and project related information. In our workshop, we focused on design thinking together with partners from ITECH. Participants created even a mobile application prototype during the workshop.

On Thursday, we said goodbye to our hosts in Italy and we gave them some memories from Finland in a form of Fazer candies and Fab Lab Raseko ruler.

Fazer konvehtirasia ja puinen viivain
Fazer milk chocolate and Fab Lab Raseko ruler


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