”Moin” = ”Moi” (Suomeksi)

In Leer, people use ”Moin” as ”Hello” to simply greet each other.

At first, I could not believe my ear that I hear ”Moi” all around me, wondering Finns are not alone here. 😀

In fact, other day I asked Wolfgang about ”Moi” or ”Moin”. I got an answer.

His explanation was: the original meaning of ”Moin” is ”a beautiful day”- ”Moin Tag”. It is used so often that becomes shorter form – ”Moin”.

In Netherlands, there is the same word ”Moin” of almost same meaning . Since Leer is on the border, it is not sure whether ”Moin” was sent to neighbour by Germans, or it actually had Netherlands roots.😀


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