Auf Wiedersehen Deutschland! Vielen Dank!

My intership is approaching the end, tomorrow (29.5) will be my last day in Orgadata. Time flies, although 6 weeks has passed, I am still amazed by this opportunity being offered an internship at Orgadata under the umbrella of EU Mobility, which was coordinated by Raseko and Papenburg BBS. Regarding to the coming work back... Continue Reading →

The week of full moon 🌔

18.5 Saturday night is a full moon night, a rare full moon that will only occur again after 2,5 years. Almost whole Europe can see a rose, light salmon coloured moon on the sky. Meanwhile, I was visiting Amsterdam, then captured a glimpse of moon in the city. A full moon is always a topic... Continue Reading →

A sunny weekend

After three weeks of typical northen German weather: cloudy, windy and showering day to day, we finally get sunny days, which expected to be long enough for my stay. 🌞😎 The past three weeks were also quite demanding at work: 8h/day on computer, attending two full days' workshop on LogiKal (Orgadata product). Mentioned the workshop... Continue Reading →

Week of Vapuu 🎉and German lesson

Vapuu happens on Wednesday, which cuts the week short but relaxing.🙂 The evening before Vapuu was beautiful weather, but it didn't last. The photo of Leer center in the evening along river Emse, taken by a photographer. While back home in Finland, a warm and sunny Vapuu makes everyone vibrating with the Spring. 🎈🎡🌞 The... Continue Reading →

”Moin” = ”Moi” (Suomeksi)

In Leer, people use "Moin" as "Hello" to simply greet each other. At first, I could not believe my ear that I hear "Moi" all around me, wondering Finns are not alone here. 😀 In fact, other day I asked Wolfgang about "Moi" or "Moin". I got an answer. His explanation was: the original meaning... Continue Reading →

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