Work is on its way

In Orgadata, at this moment, I am learning to develop graphical user interface applications, which is under practiced field for me. From where do we start? The coach has idea, from lazarus Free Pascal IDE, which is very similar to Delphi, but lighter. This idea has some counts. Due to historical LogiKal was developed in... Continue Reading →

Life here

Right now, it is not as warm as I expected. In contrast, it rains a lot🌨, while Turku is in shining Spring. 🤣 Thinking that maybe I am not so lucky with weather, but people told me it is the usual spring for this region in northern Germany. Biking 🚴‍♂️ is essential for moving around.... Continue Reading →

Orgadata AG, Leer

Orgadata is a software company, established since 1999. Logikal is their core product, which provides a platform for designing windows, facades. At the same time, it integrates construction facilities' profiles from major fabricator in the industry. Thus comes along a Manufacture Execution System, which implements the following: Structure design & profiling + Fitting&Cutting configuration +... Continue Reading →

The starting day

Easter Monday (22.4) I arrived Leer around 16:00, considering that I woke up at 4:00 a.m. in order to not missing my plane at 5:30, I've travelling for more than 10 hours. What I needed to do was shower and sleeping. Did I sleep well? Not really. Because suddenly I left my family behind, with... Continue Reading →

Arrive Leer, Germany

It has been nearly a week since I've arrived Leer in Germany. Oh, as most of people on EU Mobility, the first week is an orientation week. 😊 Leer is located in the Lower-Saxon region of Germany, on the border to northern Netherlands. My journey started on 22.4 (Easter Monday) from Turku, took airBaltic flight... Continue Reading →

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