Work is on its way

In Orgadata, at this moment, I am learning to develop graphical user interface applications, which is under practiced field for me.

From where do we start? The coach has idea, from lazarus Free Pascal IDE, which is very similar to Delphi, but lighter.

This idea has some counts. Due to historical LogiKal was developed in Delphi, and now mostly on Visual Studio with C#.

After making my working space ready, I installed both Lazarus and Visual Studio 2019.

Visual Studio is such a mighty tool, which has plenty of packages of different use, just have to choose which extensions are needed!😎🤔

I noticed a few packages for data analytical applications.

Since last autumn, I’ve been fascinated by data analysis and visualization. I use both R studio and Spyder for coding and compiling in R and Python.

I may consider to install those features later.

So far, with lazarus, I made an executable app for tracking individual bank account balance and visualise the transaction on charts, kinds of data visualization.

What’s the next? Simples games? eager to advance but not always get my way. 🤣 I dearly need our coach.

The coach in Orgadata named Wolfgang, who always sits beside trainees, having plenty software development experiences and good communication skills, he is indeed a great help if we have any questions. 🤗

The banking app mentioned above was with the help from Wolfgang, who transformed my Python console program into nice graphical components and functions.


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