Life here

Right now, it is not as warm as I expected. In contrast, it rains a lot🌨, while Turku is in shining Spring. 🤣 Thinking that maybe I am not so lucky with weather, but people told me it is the usual spring for this region in northern Germany.

Biking 🚴‍♂️ is essential for moving around. Bus is almost same expensive as in Turku.

I got a bike rented from previous host (1 euro/ day). Oh, forgotten to mention that I have switched accommodation because the availability is not as easy as you thought for such a non-tourist place.

Starting this week, I will have to bike 8.7 km back and forth each day. Hopefully it does not rain on my way to work and dorm. Wish I will be very fit after 5 weeks of 18×5 km biking.😀

This Sunday I’ve taken some photos while strolling around the countryside on bike.

”Saatenkari”, the rainbow 😘

Mentioning accommodation, it is the first time that I book from airbnb. My experiences is checking recent reviews, to measure my contact with the host, the space and facilities.

In Germany, most of houses are huge comparing with those in Finland. Giving a figure 160 – 250 ? and at least 2/3 floors. I have impression that I’ve not yet seen a single house made of only one floor.

In this case, the private owner who runs airbnb oftenly let out whole floor with individual rooms.

For example, the two places I’ve been, the upper floor is committed to airbnb, which composed of 3 private rooms, shared bathroom, even kitchen only for guests, though in good condition. Usually, the hosts strive to upgrade their rental space.

Good that, each room has its own lock, which can be locked from outside and inside. 🙂

Food and drinks are cheaper here than that back at home. More options also. 🤗

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