The starting day

Easter Monday (22.4) I arrived Leer around 16:00, considering that I woke up at 4:00 a.m. in order to not missing my plane at 5:30, I’ve travelling for more than 10 hours. What I needed to do was shower and sleeping. Did I sleep well? Not really. Because suddenly I left my family behind, with whom I spent daily life over the past 14 yrs.

On the morning 23.4 (Tuesday), Jürgen came to my door at 8:25 to drive together to Orgadata. Jürgen is the international coordinator in our partner school Papenburg BBS. Knowing that he lives in Papenburg, 22 km away from Leer, I appreciate his hospitality and responsibility.

We arrived Orgadata before 9:00, there came Chris at reception desk, who is responsables for trainee programme in the company.

Following Chris, we arrived trainee workspace – an open space for at least 30 people. We sit down in the meeting room, talked about my trip, accommodation, learning agreements, etc.

After Jürgen left, Chris took me a tour in the company. The building is new, all spaces are modern day adaptive. Additionally, Chris has made a presentation of Orgadata, their products, their goal, and their trainee programme.

Individual meeting point

The greatest thing happened here is free lunch in Orgadata canteen. I must add a photo of lunch plate and cosy canteen. Also soda water, caffe, tea, juices and fruits are available all day long, accessible at different common kitchens.

Common kitchen
3-in-1 tab for hot/cold/soda water


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