Arrive Leer, Germany

It has been nearly a week since I’ve arrived Leer in Germany. Oh, as most of people on EU Mobility, the first week is an orientation week. 😊

Leer is located in the Lower-Saxon region of Germany, on the border to northern Netherlands.

My journey started on 22.4 (Easter Monday) from Turku, took airBaltic flight to Amsterdam. Arriving Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, you can take train to anywhere in Europe. Unlike the train timetable in Finland, you don’t find train number. That was unexpected, but there is the solution. Since a single ticket is valide for 24 hours, you just need a ticket to your destination, the itinerary route on the ticket is merely a suggestion. You can take any route for your convenience and fits your timetable. The only concern is looking for right platform, where trains to certain direction always embark on the same track. Moreover, the train comes frequently, no worries for missing one.

After nearly 3 or 4 times transferring train and bus (some part of rail is on maintainance), I finally arrived Leer Banhof(train station). Then I walked to my host airbnb, about 2.2 km, with the aid of Google maps.

The host told me no shops opening on Easter Monday, and she gave me a pack of instant noodle for the evening. 🙂

As in most European countries, the shops aren’t open in Saint days, national holidays, nor on Sunday.

Leer old town

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