A sunny weekend

After three weeks of typical northen German weather: cloudy, windy and showering day to day, we finally get sunny days, which expected to be long enough for my stay. 🌞😎

The past three weeks were also quite demanding at work: 8h/day on computer, attending two full days’ workshop on LogiKal (Orgadata product).

Mentioned the workshop of LogiKal, we were 4, including the lecturer, the only German, who is informative and pedagogical.

Then attendees, there is an Indian, a Dutch, and me. The Indian has years of experiences in Autodesk Revit. His mission in Orgadata is to develop the BIM feature of LogiKal. He has many ideas about evolving the service, even changing terminology. As everyone knows that the Germans have laws for almost everything, that changing terminology may be a hit. So the Indian told a joke, titled ”Water landing”. http://www.santabanta.com/jokes/20651/water-landing/

The joke implies that different cultures interpret things differently. It is fun to read.😄

During the past 3 weeks, personally I found the most pleasant activity is cycling 🚴‍♀️ for 18 km daily. Surprising that I don’t feel exhausted, instead I feel like reviving.💪🏼

Now reaching the weekend, the sky turns blue, with light breeze. 🤗

Today is Saturday, I plan to visit Oldenburg, which is 40 minutes train from Leer.

Cycling to the railway station, my bike passed through the vast field of farm, that under the horizon, seeing meadow shining in the sun. What a beautiful morning!

At 10:39, I jumped on the train, bought the ticket online. The train moved at 10:41, very on time. Now I sit on the train to Oldenburg. There are many young people talking and laughing, looking out through the window. The vibrant colours of Spring are stunning.

Oldenburg is more a city than Leer. There are buildings of renaissance and baroque styles. With the prominent Cathedral, somehow, the surrounding reminds me nice french town of all time buildings.Oldenburg castle is connected with a huge garden, which makes the most relaxing and joyful place in the center.

Large part of the city is devoted to a pedestrian commercial zone with endless walking lanes and full of shops, restaurants and caffé, bars on each side. In one day, I had Japanese noodle, Nordsee fresh seafood burger, and Italian pasta. 🙂

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  1. Nice pictures! Looks like a nice city! Your work seems to be quite interesting, quite a lot of new things to learn and I assume you will speak fluent German language when you are coming back. Take care!



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