Visiting Fab Labs in Denmark

When the winter is coming and the days get shorter, it is good to go abroad to get some inspiration. That is exactly what we did at Fab Lab Raseko.

On a monday morning, 6th of October 2019, Turku airport was a calm and quiet place. Mikko and Jenni were ready to start their journey to Denmark. First there was a short trip from Turku to Helsinki, but from Helsinki the plane headed to Copenhagen. With a strong tail wind, our plane landed 10 minutes earlier. Next mission: find your rental car. After a small walk, we found the car quickly and easily, no problems and soon Opel was on our way to Naestved.

Before going to Naestved, we made a pit stop at Koge. We knew that on Wednesday, on our way back to Copenhagen, it would be one of our destinations, so we had a quick investigation for our upcoming visit. Another good reason for a stop was that we were hungry. Jenni asked some guidance from our contact Helle and we got recommendation to visit Stacy’s diner. Great hamburgers and sweet potato fries, highly recommended.

On Naestved, our visit started already on Monday afternoon. Kim from Zealand was working late and after dropping our bags to the hotel, we met him at school where there were no students anymore. No problem, as we knew we are going to meet students on Tuesday. We had a great opportunity to see the school building, Fab Lab with the machines and a good discussion with Kim and he displayed some miniature building models that his students had made in Fab Lab.

Tuesday morning we arrived to Zealand around 8:30am and students had just started on their studies. We saw one of our hosts, Hans Peter, in the hall way said quick hellos before he headed back to teach car technology students, who had a project with Arduino and CAN-bus reading. We continued with our other host Helle and discussed quite a lot of different things in the Fab Lab environment. Later Hans Peter joined us and we were able to see more great projects student had been making. There were also lot of things going on with 3D printers and CNC milling machine. Some notes and keywords from the day: Onshape, Prusa, Airtame, miniatures, floppy disk, bus, slic3r.

Wednesday morning we still had a bit of time to spend in Zealand. We discussed about different workshop possibilities, electronics and Erasmus mobility program, after lunch it was time to say goodbye for Helle, Hans Peter and Kim. Thank you guys for your hospitality, all the great tips and guidance. You are great and always welcome to visit us in Fab Lab Raseko!

In the afternoon we headed to Koge where Henrik was waiting for us. We had approx. 2 hours to visit and time went super fast. We checked the devices and discussed about many different student projects, they had made. Their lab was open only on Wednesdays from 14 to 17, but still lot of interesting projects had been done there. It would have been interesting to stay a bit longer, but we needed to return our rental car to Copenhagen airport. Thank you Henrik for letting us visit your lab and hope to see you again!

Thursday was full of interesting activities as well: We met Rasmus at Valby Culture House, where they have municipal Fab Lab Copenhagen. This Fab Lab is mostly ran by volunteers, who also arrange different kind of workshops during the week. Rasmus has been working in the Fab Lab many years and has also helped others to start their labs. It was super interesting to also see their new lab Vaerkstedshallerne, which was built into old football dressing rooms. Great reuse of old building! New facilities seemed to be very well made for Fab Lab. We had great time discussing with Rasmus and he told us many inspiring stories of their experiences. Hopefully we will meet again soon.

-Jenni and Mikko


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