Nam June Paik – retrospective. Day 1

Day 01

After settling in in the flat I found for the duration of this internship at Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, I tried to prepare for the first day at a new job.

Number seven.

After the first meeting with my supervisor, Gert, AV art coordinator at Stedelijk Museum, everything started to feel really familiar from other projects.  After getting to know the crew we studied the floorplan for the upcoming exhibition, (Nam June Paik retrospective) and I got assigned a partner (Paul) for this week. Then we decided the things that needed to be done during this week and th goals for today.

Floorplan studies and Coffee et Stedelijk museum

My task to empty out two crates filled with old (and heavy) CRT monitors, and to test them for signal input and possible flaws.

The monitors delivered to the museum.
The installation space prepared for AV installation.

As tools I was provided with a Brightsign, BNC cable and extension cable, which actually doesent sound like a lot, but basically at this stage this is all i needed.

During the day  I also got to know my colleagues and the building a little bit better. My aim is to be as autonomous as possible, which at this point is quite impossible, as the building is a maze. But slowly getting there. Tomorrow i just might know more than today.


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