The Future is now!

16.00 Normal 0 false false false en-FI X-NONE X-NONE My last week at Stedelijk. The exhibition came together quite nicely as far as i can tell. No technical issues and i even got some afternoons off to take the last of what Amsterdam has to offer. Today while visiting the Stedelik depot outside town we... Continue Reading →

Nam June Paik retrospective. day 9

TV garden was finalized (Yesterday 25.2.20) and i moved on, or rather stardet to to smaller things whereever there was need for a extra hand. Attaching headphones to piedestals (plinths), covering up branding and cabling mediaplayers to televisions. The AV equipment in this exhibition is old, which is fascinating as this is the first time... Continue Reading →

Nam June Paik retrospective. Day 7

Kickoffmeeting on the floor. 10:00 Sadly i missed bits of the content here and there, due to my not so good Dutch understanding. Details regarding the "hanging" of the works was discussed (?). Anyhow. “TV garden”, the piece I mostly have been working on, got its final touches today and the result was more surprising... Continue Reading →

Nam June Paik retrospective. Day 5

Assembly of the TV garden and moving on. All monitors powering up and working. The number of outputs was changed due to some monitors missing the video out option, so they had to get their own unique outputs. (The supplied Kramerbox had 16 outputs.) The connections documented. The electrical connections needed somekind of protection from... Continue Reading →

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