Nam June Paik retrospective. Day 3

Assembly of the TV garden. After the rough layout of the monitors to their approximated positions on the floor, it was possible to start pulling power for the monitors. Cabling for power was done in 3 separate groups as the draw is bigger with these monitors. This was all pre-planned by the museum so it... Continue Reading →

Nam June Paik – retrospective. Day 2

The assembly start to take shape, and the problems with lost rooms that i had yesterday are gone as the room i lost yesterday was back in its original position today.On the other hand I lost the most of the photos I took during the day that portraited what I was doing. Instead my phone... Continue Reading →

Nam June Paik – retrospective. Day 1

Day 01 After settling in in the flat I found for the duration of this internship at Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, I tried to prepare for the first day at a new job. Number seven. After the first meeting with my supervisor, Gert, AV art coordinator at Stedelijk Museum, everything started to feel really familiar... Continue Reading →

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