The Future is now!

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My last week at Stedelijk. The exhibition came together quite nicely as far as i can tell. No technical issues and i even got some afternoons off to take the last of what Amsterdam has to offer.

Today while visiting the Stedelik depot outside town we heard that the
opening tomorrow has been cancelled due to regulations concerning mass
gatherings in Amsterdam.(Corona) This is a setback, as openings tend to have a slight terapeuthical effect. It gives confirmation and closure to a process that sometimes can be quite hard, but mostly rewarding and interesting. But art for arts sake. And art can not be regulated. So even if no one gets to see the exhibition i know it is there, and it is what it is, regulations do not take away the fact that the result of the build-up is excellent. The time at Stedelijk has been wery rewarding
in many ways. I leave this place with many more knowledge  than I came here to begin with.

One of my presonal favorites in this exhibition. ”TV Buddha” (1974)


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