Greetings From Iceland

Internship in Fab Lab Isafjördur 2020

Hello my fellow students, staff and other faculty members. It is I, Tapio Koivisto, second year student of Ancient Techniques from Mynämäki. This is already my third week in Iceland and time has gone by so fast. I’m going to stay here for three months but I already wish I could be longer. I wrote a lengthy piece on my personal blog about my travel from Turku to Isafjördur, you are more than welcome to read about it there. Short version about is that trip went (almost) without a hitch. Locals here have told me that the weather has been especially tricky on this winter and it almost ruined my plans to get here. But I was lucky and it didn’t.


So what have I been up to all these weeks? First week was mostly getting settled in and getting to know the place. The Fab Labs manager, Þórarinn B.B. Gunnarsson, is a modern day Renaissance man. His vision and ability to guide you are exceptional. He won’t give you the answers you seek, but he certainly helps you find them, so you get to realise your own vision.

Me on the right, Þórarinn on the left #FabLabIsa

I have some experience using the equipment at Raseko’s Fab Lab in Naantali, so I’m familiar how things work. On first week we went through the instructions of the laser cutter here and I started doing first projects with it. My job has also been to help other users with their projects concerning the laser cutter. I must point out that when you come to Fab Lab as an Intern or otherwise, you don’t have to know anything about equipment or programs here, you will get help and advice to use them. On the first week it was fun to see how diversely Fab Lab is used here. There are student and teachers, different businesses, artists. These are tools meant to be used and everybody are welcome to use them.

On the second week, we had three other students for nearby town of Flateyri coming for a week doing their internship training. Sothe first thing we did was getting the storage room tidy. Managing the order is a on going project but these guys made it easier by coming up with a new system to keep track what we have in the storage. We also made a usb mount and keychains for the usb keys used in 3D printing. That was a fun week. I do enjoy the sense of humor people here have.


On the third week I’ve continued using mainly the 3D printers and learning to use them more efficiently. I’ve done small projects with the printers and that is going to be my main focus for weeks to come. There are couple small CNC machines and one bigger one, which are also going to be on the menu.

Where I am?

Isafjördur is largest town in Westfjords. Fastest way to get here from Reykjavik is by plane. This is a small community, with nicest people you meet living surrounded by magnificent mountains. It might not be the best season to come here but I don’t mind. At least I get to see some snow this winter. My own blog has more pictures and links to those who want to see more, so check that out. I’ll be back – later.

Tapio Koivisto


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