Visit Finland in Berlin – a tourist in Berlin

After a hectic week at work, I decided to tour the town a bit. I have been once to Berlin before but that was for work as well so I didn’t have time to do sightseeing. I have now a monthly pass to local transportation and I feel like it is easy to move around. Google Maps is actually very handy to guide you which metro/bus you have to take and where to get off!

When travelling, I use ”Get your guide” a lot. It’s a great app/website that you can use to find good deals for sightseeing or entrance tickets. I found a guided city walk tour for 14€ that took 4 hours. I must say that I always hated history in school and probably that’s why I didn’t do so well but now I feel I learned more history this tour that during all the history lessons combined – and it was interesting! I love culture and therefore I am planning on visiting some museums (there are nearly 200 of them in Berlin!) on some other weekend.

As we have Ice bar at the hotel in my daily job in Finland, I had to go and see how is ice bar in Berlin. Many big cities in Europe have ice bars and I am always eager to see them, to maybe get some new ideas or learn something. The ice bar in Berlin advertises itself as ”the biggest ice bar in the world” – I could maybe disagree on that one 🙂 The temperature was supposed to be around -10C degrees in this normal room where you had fans on to keep the cool area – as a girl from Lapland who is used to cold weathers, I would you guess the actual temperature to be around -3C. You get 3 coins when you enter with which you can purchase your drinks. You first go to a normal bar where you have 1 drink and after that you go to ice bar where you get 2 drinks. The concept for packaging the drinks was good and I got some ideas to bring home.


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