Visit Finland in Berlin – week 1

Hello everybody! My name is Anu, I’m an adult student in Raseko and spending one month in Berlin doing internship for Visit Finland. I have a daily job as a director of sales at Arctic SnowHotel & Glass Igloos and this internship will give me a great opportunity to learn more about the German market. Back in the days, Visit Finland was my dream employer so I am really happy to be able to see how Finland is marketed in other countries (and yet return to my current dream job after this 🙂 )

Welcome to follow my journey!

My office is located in the Nordic embassies in Berlin which gives a great opportunity also to see what happens in the embassy!

Even though I have been travelling a lot, new town is always a new town and it gets time to get used to it. In Finland I am used to working from home on most of the week and driving a car whenever I need to go somewhere. Now it takes 45 minutes to get to work by walking, then taking a metro and then a bus and then walking again. This is good exercise! The working hours are 9:00-17:00 so as I am away from home from 8:00 until 18:00, I don’t have much energy to go anywhere else during this first week.

Although I have studied German for several years, I haven’t had to talk it earlier so even just listening to it takes its toll when you are not used to it and you have to focus on understanding as much as possible. Luckily my colleagues are mostly Finnish and we communicate in English.

The biggest travel fair in Europe (ITB Berlin) was coming up in the beginning of March and my work focused mainly on this during the first week; we had to write last minute ”good to know” issues for companies who were coming for the fair from Finland, to make sure that we had everything booked & confirmed and finalize a Finnish party for 300 people which would take place on one of the evenings.

Late on Friday evening, the ministries of Germany where gathered into a meeting where they finally decided to cancel ITB due to coronavirus outbreak. This was quite understandable as they can’t risk to bring over 100 000 people to Berlin from around the world as that might lead to a bigger pandemia. Next week is going to be a bit different, then…


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