Nam June Paik – retrospective. Third Week and a split tooth.

The last days, since last week whave been somewhat un-eventfull and intresting at the same time. Im starting to see the routines at Stedelijk and camparison to the routines at Amos Rex comes to mind. Not really clearly, but some things are solved with another kind of approach here. This is obiously due to the fact that the staff is bigger and the areas of expertice are clear. One group for one job. Or this is the way i see it atleast.

The exhibition comes together at a steady pace, and it seems to happen by it self as im completelly blinded by beeing there every day. Ususally at the end of a day i might realize that something new has appeared on the floor by the art-handlers, that needs connecting or setting up.

My work here has the last days revolved around many smaller things. Not dedicated work on one specific installation. Hiding cable, fabricating small things, making cable. With a LOT of zip-ties.

Next week will be the opening week, and at the same time my last week here, and my postings will come to a halt.


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