Nam June Paik retrospective. day 9

TV garden was finalized (Yesterday 25.2.20) and i moved on, or rather stardet to to smaller things whereever there was need for a extra hand. Attaching headphones to piedestals (plinths), covering up branding and cabling mediaplayers to televisions.

The AV equipment in this exhibition is old, which is fascinating as this is the first time for me to work professionally with crt monitors, televisions, old projectors and bnc cables. This is a good skillset as it seems to be a trending among the younger generation of artists.
The supply of old screens is just a bit sketchy as there is hardly any new crt tubes around anymore.

One Candle (1989)

More info here.

Preparing the room for the installation of 6 videoprojectors and one TV camera.

The TV camera was unable to focus correctly so i got to work on it. There was an issue with the make of the lens, which was other than the camera housing. Fortunately there was enough of threading on the adapter piece so i was able to focus it by loosening the fitting a little bit from the housing. Ca. 2-3 mmm was enough.


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