I’m still in Iceland

More than a month ago I received an email from Raseko urging me to come back home due to Covid-19 pandemic, which was rapidly spreading through Europe and all around the World. Even though I think the Raseko’s decision was right one, I strongly disagreed with it. At that time I felt my health and safety was more secure by staying here, at the Westfjords. Covid-19 had arrived to Iceland but all the cases were in Reykjavik. First cases in the Westfjords were found before Easter and it has spread fast. But at the same time health services in Iceland have been efficient in keeping the pandemic in check and people have been isolating themselves. In Isafjördur that isn’t hard. The winter here has been hard. It’s not so cold but there has been a lot of snow and the wind will rip your face off. You don’t want to go out on windy weather.

Internship in Fab Lab Isafjördur (April 2020)

Ever Raseko objected to me staying in Iceland, I got them convinced that it’s my best interest to get to stay. The school, under which fab lab operates here, has been really supportive and their hospitality exceptional. I can’t thank them enough for that.

What have I been doing the past month. My original plans have mostly been scrapped although I have had time to do a little bit my own projects too. Mostly I have been assisting Fab Lab here to take part on an effort in which Nordic fab labs, hospitals and universities are trying to find a ways to ease the burden which health services are facing right now with the pandemic. I have gone through pages and pages of information. I’ve tested different face shield models and 3d printed them. I’ve experienced first had how people come together and try to find solutions in time of crisis. That is something I will never forget. Being part something bigger than myself.

I should be returning to Finland in a months time. That will be a challenge which I have been already trying to solve. The flights to Finland have been cancelled but there are still flights to London, Boston and Stockholm. These are subject to change so we’ll have to wait and see how the travel plans back to Finland turn out to be.


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