Leathercraft in Tallinn

Like for all of us, covid-19 changed everything this spring. My original plan was to start my internship in Tallin beginning of May, but borders where still closed for travellers. Luckily the Stella Soomlais Studio where I was going, suggested me to still start my internship in may, just not the way it was originally planned.

I study Design textile in Raseko and one of the materials that I am really interested is leather. I have done leathercrafting little bit before, some bags and two pairs of shoes, so I new some basics already but wanted to learn more. And for best way to learn more in this field was definitely to go to Estonia where leathercraft is highly valued and where I could find talented crafters to teach me.

So because of Covid-19 restrictions, in may I started to translate their website and e-com from english to finnish from my home. Which was quite interesting, havent done anything like that before. It was also bit harder than I tought, but good practice for english. And at the same time waiting for borders to open that I could leave soon as possible to Tallin.

I finally crossed the border in 27.5. At this time borders where still only open for workers and Estonian citizens. Havent been in border control like that before, all police officers and border control officers had masks and cloves. All passengers where checked, I needed to have a passport and a signed document to prove that I´m coming to work i Estonia. Over all everything went well and they let me cross the border and I arrived in my flat in Kalamaja, in the heart of Telliskivi creative city, wednesday evening and work started next day. Very exciting!!

Here is few pictures from the inspiring Stella Soomlais studio in Tallinn. You can also follow my internship in instagram @textilediary

Henna, Design Textile student from Raseko


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