Tallinn 2.0

Back in Tallinn

I had an internship in Stella Soomlais Studio in Tallinn, Estonia, in summer 2020. And when the opportunity to come back came in january 2021, I didn´t have to think twice what to do. This time it would be little different since the internship would last the whole year. I ended my lease in Turku apartment, packed my things and moved to Tallinn in 30.1.2021. Due the covid-19 situation I stayed 2 weeks quaranteen in my Tallinn apartment before I started working in the studio again. In this 2 weeks I worked from home, doing translations for the website and marketing surveys for finnish market.

Back at the studio

First day I went back to the studio it was like I never left. It was nice to see familiar faces and get hands on to leather crafting again. Already in the beginning I got new signments, bags that I did´t get to do last summer and it was really cool to learn new operations right away.

Due the covid-19 situation we were working in two seperate groups so that if something would happen everybody didnt need to be in quaranteen and we could keep working. My group was working in the studio monday-wednesday and other group thursday-saturday, sometimes sundays. And I also worked from home thursday-friday.

In spring most of the places were still closed, so after work activites were mostly just walking around the city looking outdoor sites or staying at home. Luckily my home is next to Kalamaja park and Noblesner harbour, so I got to do nice walks in my neighborhood.


In the summer life here started to be more free, restaurants, museos and places have been open normally. And in august Estonia started using covidpass in public places. Wich is working really well when you have both vaccines. All you need to do is to show the QR code on your phone and you are good to go! Wich has been really noce change to springs lockdown. City is still quite empty and not a lot tourists in sight.


Here is some pictures of my life here and also some of the products that I have made in the studio so far.

All pictures are taken by me.

Market place in Tallinn Old Town, old colorfull buldings and a man dressed up in middle ages costume.
Põhjakõrvemaa nationalpark. View down from the birdtower to the beautiful bog.
Jägala waterfall. View to the waterfall, water coming down from the cliffs.
Work in progress. Black leather backbag and leathers crafting tools in workstation.
Handmade black leather backbag.
Handmade red leather Treasure Box bag from Stella Soomlais collection.
Handmade dark brown leather briefcase. One of the biggest and the most difficult bags that I have made so far.

For more pictures go to my instagram account @textilediary.



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