Last Night I Dreamt Of Malta

Picture of Malta's capital city Valletta

My name is Ranja. On January 2021 I started my journey to become a metal artisan in Raisio, Finland.  During the spring I was told about an opportunity for an internship abroad. I didn’t hesitate to take it. During the Fall of 2021 I took a prep course about working internationally and how to apply for the internship.

RASEKO has a partnership with Stage Malta, an organisation that helps students in the island of Malta. After hearing this, my decision was easy. Having Stage Malta help me find a place to work as well as providing me with a place to stay was a big weight off my shoulders and made my preparations easy.  

As a country Malta was an easy decision for me. It’s a beautiful Mediterranean island with rich and complex history, but it’s also an international, English-speaking center of culture (and let’s not forget about Game of Thrones).

When I post my next blog, I will be in Malta. See you then!


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