Weekends in Malta

I've been in Malta for a month and have tried to travel around the island as much as I can when I'm not working. I've been to Valletta multiple times because it's close by and a great place to get a bus anywhere and everywhere. But I also genuinely like the city, it's beautiful and... Continue Reading →

About my work in Malta

My work place is called Chris Metal Design. It's located in Qormi, and every morning I take two buses to get there. Chris makes a lot of different kinds of metal frames, like balcony railings, and the work includes a lot of cutting, welding and grinding. In my first two weeks I have done all... Continue Reading →

First days in Malta

I arrived in Malta around noon on Thursday. Two other people started their internship the same day. We were picked up from the airport and taken to our house in Birkirkara. There are about 10 people in the house, some sharing their room and some, like myself, having their own room. My room On Friday... Continue Reading →

Last Night I Dreamt Of Malta

Valletta My name is Ranja. On January 2021 I started my journey to become a metal artisan in Raisio, Finland.  During the spring I was told about an opportunity for an internship abroad. I didn’t hesitate to take it. During the Fall of 2021 I took a prep course about working internationally and how to... Continue Reading →

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