Malta – final post

My 10 weeks in Malta are now done and I’ve returned home.

I really enjoyed my time in Malta. It’s a beautiful country full of awesome places to visit. Of course there are flaws, like the traffic, but the positives easily outweigh the negatives. I loved walking around the streets of Valletta as well as the natural paths of Gozo. The food was great, people were nice and the weather was warm and sunny.

Close-up of the Triton fountain in Valletta
Triton fountain in Valletta
Picture of a colorful boat in the sea with an island landscape in the background
Taken from the island of Comino. Gozo in the background.

During my internship I’ve learned a lot, especially about practical real-life skills and problem solving. This has been a unique experience that will definitely help me for the rest of my time in school and in work life after that.

Picture of a welded rectangular metal frame with a welding machine and a measuring tape
Trying to put together an air vent
Picture of a cluttered metal work shop
The Workshop

After all, I’m happy to have left for Malta but I’m also very happy to be back home, back to normal life.

– Ranja


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