My thoughts about Malta

Malta is very unique island and also very small. It is just 30 km long. In sex weeks I have had time to visit and see a lot of this country. My favorite things has been beaches, blue water and sunsets. Thing that i didn`t thought that i would be missing is forest and nature. Here the nature is very sparse because here houses are built so close to each other.

Pictures of the sunset, blue water and street.

Picture from the bus, trashes on the streets and trash schedule

I use busses usually everyday and its actually only public transport here. I also sometimes use minibus or taxes to travel. There is a picture of bus when there was not many people but most of the times you have to stand in the bus because they are full but of course it depends of the timing. I think this is still the easiest and cheapest because it is just 1,50 euros.

Here trashes have a schedule and then you have to leave those outside of the door. At first it was very weird and dirty but then you just get used to it.

Pictures from my workplace in childcare centre: activity for the children, ball pit and trampoline

I got very lucky with my workplace because the Kids` Ark Childcare Centre was very nice place. All the co-workers were so kind to me. The premises were amazing and there was lot of different things for the children. My favorite was that ball pit and children loved it very much. Activities were creative and interesting for the children. I also planned some activities and worked together with other carers.


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