Last days in Malta

I am very thankful for this experience and these six weeks have been amazing. I have met many new people and went outside of my comfort zone a lot. I think that is the thing that intrests me in travelling that you can experience so many new things and at the same time learn about... Continue Reading →

My thoughts about Malta

Malta is very unique island and also very small. It is just 30 km long. In sex weeks I have had time to visit and see a lot of this country. My favorite things has been beaches, blue water and sunsets. Thing that i didn`t thought that i would be missing is forest and nature.... Continue Reading →

My trip to Malta

Hi! My name is Sofia and I have started my studies to become a practical nurse in Raseko Vocational College in 2020 spring. I wouldn`t believe that in 2 years I would be sitting on a balcony in Malta and writing this blog post. But here I am enjoying the warm weather. I have been... Continue Reading →

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