My trip to Malta

Hi! My name is Sofia and I have started my studies to become a practical nurse in Raseko Vocational College in 2020 spring. I wouldn`t believe that in 2 years I would be sitting on a balcony in Malta and writing this blog post. But here I am enjoying the warm weather. I have been here for 3 weeks and there has been lot of new things to experience.

Landscape from an airplane window

Before I came to Malta, I started preparing my internship with my teachers in Raseko and also with my organization Stage Malta. Stage Malta organized my accommodation and workplace so that helped me a lot. I searched a lot of information about Malta for example public transport and many other things. I came by airplane because it would have been very hard to use trains and ferries. However I have used the public transport a lot and I have also walked because this is very small island. Public transport is very easy and many people use buses in their everyday life. Two weeks before my departure, I ordered Tallinja bus card and it has been very easy and cheap. You can also use cash or bank card to pay the busride.

Picture of street in Malta

I arrived in Malta on 1st of May in 2022. Everything went great except my suitcase that didn`t arrive to Malta. It was missing for one week but luckily then it was found in Amsterdam, where i had changed my flight. So it wasn`t the greatest start for my trip but now I am very happy and grateful for having all of my stuff.

Pictures of my room in the student house, a map showing my location in Malta and nearby street.

I live in a student house in Birkirkara. I have my own bedroom but i share the bathroom, kitchen and balcony with other students. It has been nice to meet other students from different countries and have conversations every day. Also it has been very easy to go to capital city Valletta because it takes just 20 minutes by bus.

Picture of my workplace Kids` Ark Childcare Centre

Few days after my arrival, I started my internship in Kids` Ark Childcare Centre. It has been very interesting to work in another country and also use English. There are children from 3 months to 3 years. I have never worked with under 1 year old children so that has been also a new thing. Everything has been new and sometimes a little bit challenging but I am learning every day.


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