About my work in Malta

My work place is called Chris Metal Design. It’s located in Qormi, and every morning I take two buses to get there. Chris makes a lot of different kinds of metal frames, like balcony railings, and the work includes a lot of cutting, welding and grinding. In my first two weeks I have done all of these things.

Picture of a table in a workshop. There's a metal door frame, a grinder and a welder's mask on the table.
A door I got to weld and grind

Chris is a very hands-on teacher who will call you out if you don’t focus. He has a deep love for his work and expects us (he has another student from France) to be committed. At first it was almost intimidating but when you get to know him, he is a really nice guy.

Picture taken from inside the garage facing outside. You can see a ladder on the left, and a man working on a metal door on the right.
Chris working on garage doors

Today Chris took me with him to install garage doors. My job was mostly to hand him tools and open/close/lift the doors. I learned a lot and it was fun to drive around Malta in a sunny day!

Here’s a couple more pictures of my work.

Picture of a hollow square metal bar with two mousehole-like indents on opposite sides. Pictured is also the grinder that was used.
Grinding helpful holes for galvanizing
Picture of a metal worker's work place. Pictured are multiple tools, metal frames hanging from the ceiling, a welder's mask etc.
The work shop

I think next time I talk about the things I’ve done off work on the weekends 🙂

– Ranja –


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