Greetings from the island

So, several weeks of the internship has passed and I’m getting used to the bus routes, grocery stores’ whereabouts and instant coffee. 

Since our working hours are usually from 9-17 and both stores and famous sights close very early, mostly all of the exploring happens during the weekends. So far we have had great lunches and shopping sprees in Valletta, tasty dinners in St. Julians, we have visited the Rotunda of Mosta and rented a car to Blue Grotto, which all I recommend doing while in Malta. Just keep in mind that the traffic here is left-sided if you decide to rent a vehicle.

Rotunda of Mosta.
Blue Grotto’s caves.

Last week we headed to the south in Marsaxlokk, where they keep a market every Sunday morning, it was a sunny day seasoned with a sea breeze but it didn’t bother us from enjoying our time by the light blue sea.

Me and few of my colleagues are also planning a trip to explore the Maltese islands Comino and Gozo before I go home, so let’s hope the sun warms us on our upcoming excursions.

Sunday market in Marsaxlokk.

When it comes to work, I really have great colleagues and supervisors, they have been kind and welcoming from the very beginning. And the work itself is very interesting, we drive quite a lot around Malta and get to see stunning places, which are obviously nothing like in Finland, so I am completely in awe.

A popular wedding venue Villa Bologna in Attard.

Looking forward for the next adventures.

From under the palm trees,



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