Weekends in Malta

I’ve been in Malta for a month and have tried to travel around the island as much as I can when I’m not working. I’ve been to Valletta multiple times because it’s close by and a great place to get a bus anywhere and everywhere. But I also genuinely like the city, it’s beautiful and really atmospheric once you get past the tourists and cars everywhere.

Landscape picture from Valletta showing cannons facing the ocean and another part of the city in the background across the bay.
Picture from the Upper Barrakka Gardens overlooking the The Saluting Battery

During my weekends I have also been in Mellieha, Mdina, Marsaxlokk and the island of Gozo! It’s starting to get quite hot in here and the beaches are getting full!

Landscape picture of a church in the city of Mellieha, Malta. Modern white buildings can be seen on the right and Mellieha Bay in the distance.
Parish Church of Mellieha and the more modern part of the city make quite a contrast

Travelling the northern parts of the island seem to be slightly easier because there are more bus stops and more buses in general. Of course renting a car would be a good option in here to reach places faster, but the traffic in here can be quite chaotic – and of course left-sided.

Picture of a sandy beach by the ocean
Golden Bay is on the south side of the island. This picture was taken at about 9am on a Sunday so there weren’t many people in there yet.

I’ve got tanned, I’ve got burned, I’ve been sweaty and cold and exhausted but it has been amazing. I still have so much to see on these small islands!

Selfie of a woman with a backpack on a rocky coast of Gozo island
On a hike in Gozo

I’m halfway through my trip. Sometimes it’s gone so fast, sometimes time has dragged. All in all I have enjoyed my time here a lot! – Ranja


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