My plans in Malta


I want to stay in the apartment where I have at least my own room. It could be cheap hotel or house with other students.

I am really exact what comes to my own house, but at this trip It won’t matter that much. I would like to have apartment which is close to my workplace. 


There is photo of room, where is bed.

Photo: Lisaphotos195


I study business and customer service so my future workplace at Malta could be… 

  • Some kind of office
  • Shop
  • Cafe Shop
  • Bar


There is shop, The shop is seling shoes, bags...

Photo: Pexels

Free time

Then what I will do when I have free time? I would love to meet new people and hang with them. Of course I will spend time at the beach and enjoy the warm weather (fingers crossed). Depending on where my appartment and workplace will be, I would explore nearby first so my environment would be familliar to me.


Photo: 10776551

What I expect?

Of course, when I’m meeting new people I will always get to learn something new of them. And when I work in different country I know I will learn so much about everything.

See ya at my next post! 


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