Jewellery collection from Isafjordur

It's been a while...

It’s been a while since I returned from a three-month internship in cooperation with the Erasmus program at the Fab Lab in Isafjordur, Iceland. This was a part of the subject of the use of various devices in production, which I studied last year in the field of design and production of fabrics at Raseko school. I needed some time to distance myself from the traveling, impressions, and inspirations, to continue writing the school blog.

Now I would like

Now I would like to present to you a collection of pendants made in one of my projects during my internship in Isafjordur. These pieces of jewellery were made by laser cating and engraving. I decided on this project for several reasons: to create for passing the exam at Raseko school a product closely related to and inspired by the place where I lived for three months, and by using drawings and photos that I made during this time. In addition, by designing and producing the small forms of the pendants I had the opportunity to apply different techniques and materials. 

This jewelry collection

This jewelry collection contains the quintessence of my impressions of the nature of the Westfiord’s of Iceland. Some mountain formations seem to me like enchanted stories, sagas, resembling petrified characters, sometimes people, and sometimes fantastic characters. Many hours of weekend hiking’s in nature brought me many photos, some of which you could see in my previous blog. During my wanderings and work in the Fab Lab, the thematic image of my works became clear to me. In the beginning, I experimented with simple forms of photos, which allowed me to learn the possibilities and limitations of laser cutting and engraving. Processing photos in graphics programs, such as modifying the contrast, balance of light and shadow, work in black and white, brightened the image of my feelings and thoughts regarding the subject of jewelry work. Then I selected the photos to be printed, and adapted them to the conditions required for laser cutting and engraving.

My previous experience

My previous experience in the creation of a different series of pendants in the form of simple geometric forms helped me a lot. I photographed the hand-processed pictures, then worked on them in Inkscape and used them in pendant designs, in the form of circles, squares, rectangles. I printed the works on various materials, such as colored plexiglass and wood-based material (MDF), and experimented with various conditions and parameters. 


Finally, I carefully cleaned the pendants made out of the wood-based with sandpaper. After adding the appropriate metal elements that can be purchased in hobby stores, they are ready to be used as necklaces, earrings, or keyrings. As a result, the pendants became a form of thanks for the cooperation with the employees of the Menntaskolinn Isafjordur school as well as souvenirs for friends in Finland.

I shared my experience

I shared my experience gained during the internship at Fab Lab by organizing and running two jeweler’s workshops. You can see some of the results of the participants’ work in my photos. Together with Fab Lab Raseko, we are planning to conduct such a workshop for students and staff of the Raseko school this spring. Please follow the news on school social media if you would like to participate!

I am glad and grateful

I am glad and grateful that I was able to combine laser cutting and other techniques during my internship at Isafjördur with my design based on the inspirations, photos and drawings from the visited place. In this way, the jewellery project became very personal and artistic.

Art Joanna


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