Embassy of Finland in Nairobi

Teamwork makes a dream work!

At 10 o'clock on Tuesday morning the car left from the hotel and day two at the Finnish embassy could start. The mice en place list was clear. After Monday's preparation day, there was still a lot to be done. We learned that communication and organizing is the key to success. Who is doing what, how long the mice en place is going to take and what equipment we would be using. Working in a kitchen is always teamwork. The team is as strong as its weakest link so we must help each other and ask for help if needed. 

Tuesday was the first day that our skills were put to a test. First dinner of the week started at 7pm full of important guests to be served. Luckily our teamwork and precision was rewarded at the end of the dinner, when the ambassador of Finland wanted to thank us in front of the guests and raise a glass for us. It was a truly amazing feeling!

On Wednesday we will face another challenge when we will be serving a seven course menu to 16 guests. So as we say in the kitchen, thanks for the day!!



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