Embassy of Finland in Nairobi day 3

The main event Dinner on Tuesday went well and the ambassador was super happy. For Wednesday we wanted to raise the bar even higher. We arrived to the embassy at 10:30 in the morning. We spent the day preparing the dinner with ambassadors cook Nancy who has helped us a lot through this week. Preparing went as planned and soon it was time to clean the kitchen, so that we would be ready to create an amazing experience for the guests. Guests started to arrive and we got to serve cocktails and snacks in the beautiful garden. We served a total of 16 guests all over the world, such as the ambassador of France and his wife, ambassador of Belgium, ambassador of Switzerland, the founder of Kempinski Hotels and Regional Director and Representative of UNESCO and commercial counselor of Business Finland. Feedback was overwhelming and we couldn’t wait to get to serve them next dishes. Soon guests moved to tables and the dinner started with full power. Waiters served tasty drinks and told interesting stories behind the products, while we gave our best on the plates. Customers were super happy and we were honored to stand in front of them while Pirkka told a little story about finnish gastronomy and gave his thanks to us. Thursday will be our mice en place day for the last dinner of the week that will be served in the garden 🇰🇪🇫🇮


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