Olen Maija Kyyrönen, 26-vuotias kokin ammattitutkinnon opiskelija Rasekosta. Aloitan lauantaina harjoittelujakson Italian Modenassa, Osteria Francescanassa. Osteria Francescana on keittiömestari Massimo Botturan ravintola Modenan sydämmessä. Osteria Francescana on kolmen Michelin tähden ravintola, joka on valittu vuosina 2016 ja 2018 maailman top 50 listauksessa maailman parhaaksi ravintolaksi. Harjoittelujakso on osa ammattitutkinoni suorittamista.


After two events, we want to introduce our kitchen team who is behind all the magic you have seen in our blog and in our Instagram account (@culinaryinfinnishembassy). First our lovely teacher Tomi Aho. Tomi works as a lecturer and development specialist in Raseko. He is in charge of the food processing professional degree and... Continue Reading →

Embassy of Finland in Nairobi day 3

The main event Dinner on Tuesday went well and the ambassador was super happy. For Wednesday we wanted to raise the bar even higher. We arrived to the embassy at 10:30 in the morning. We spent the day preparing the dinner with ambassadors cook Nancy who has helped us a lot through this week. Preparing... Continue Reading →

Embassy of Finland in Nairobi

Teamwork makes a dream work! At 10 o'clock on Tuesday morning the car left from the hotel and day two at the Finnish embassy could start. The mice en place list was clear. After Monday's preparation day, there was still a lot to be done. We learned that communication and organizing is the key to... Continue Reading →

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