After two events, we want to introduce our kitchen team who is behind all the magic you have seen in our blog and in our Instagram account (@culinaryinfinnishembassy). First our lovely teacher Tomi Aho. Tomi works as a lecturer and development specialist in Raseko. He is in charge of the food processing professional degree and Foodlaboratory. In this project, he is in charge of the food and the whole kitchen team. We asked Tomi what he has learned during this trip to Kenya. Tomi has learned to give space and share responsibilities with the students. Us students have also taught Tomi new techniques and ideas. Second member of the team is our mvp Arttu Parviainen, 28. Arttu works as an entrepreneur and as a chef in Nahkurin Kellari, which we have collaborated during this project. Arttu has enjoyed the time in beautiful Kenya testing new foods and getting to know new people and new culture. Arttu has developed on working in new environments and gained a lot of new ideas. Next member of the team is young chef student Isabel Sarenko, 18. She is studying in Raseko vocational school to become a restaurant chef. She also works beside the school in Radisson Blu’s restaurant Grill it. She has learned to serve customers and gained much courage to explain the dishes we serve in front of the guests. She has also learned about plating and decorating. She thinks that when she travels back home, she will start appreciating what we take for granted in Finland. Last but not least, Maija Kyyrönen, 26. Maija works in restaurant Smör as a chef de partie mainly doing hot kitchen. Maija is a new student in Raseko, participating in Tähtikokki and doing chef studies (upper level). She’s a very passionate chef and this is her first time in Kenya, participating in this kind of international project. She will also go to Modena, Italy to do an international internship later this spring. Maija has gotten better at plating food and designing new dishes. She thinks that the most valuable lesson that she has learned is that it doesn’t matter where you come from and what your background is, you can always learn from each other and teach and help others. Honoring good, pure and local ingredients and respecting food and its source has been a thing that she will take with her to Finland. Just like Isabel said wisely; I will start to appreciate the things we take for granted, such as pure water and a wide range of ingredients (especially dairy products). ”I think I’m not going home next week as the same person. I would have ever imagined the lessons I have learned here in Kenya, the lovely people I’ve met and the culture I’ve been in touch with”. One more event to come on Friday and then well earned rest for two days. If you want to follow us on Instagram, please check @culinaryinfinnishembassy account for more pictures.


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