Työssä oppiminen Espanjassa

Hey! Im going to talk about the Fair of Countries in fuengirola (feria de los pueblos)

I went there on the last week and was amazing! There were representations of more than 30 different countries, in spain they call them ”casetas”. They even had a Finnish caseta and they sell there salmon and beers 😂 they even had a sauna!

This event is one of the most popular and colorful event that Spain has.

I honestly liked Finland the most because was pretty interesting see how people from other countries see finland and how was represented.

Every country has different type of programs and activities that offers concerts and free dance shows, craft markets and typical cousine.

Fuengirola is not only one of the most popular tourist destination on Costa del Sol, but also has many foreign residents from all corners of the world. With the intention of makong known the customs and traditions of the inhabitants of this multicultural city.

I recommend you guys to visit fuengirola and go to Feria 😊


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