3.2. Survival of the fittest

Our flight was delayed a bit due to bad weather in Finland, but we still managed to arrive at Fuerteventura though a bit late.

A picture taken from the airplane.

After retrieving our luggage, we headed to Maxorata’s office at the airport, where we were instructed to board the bus 48. After a small conversation with the bus driver, we realized that she didn’t speak any english, but already knew to take us to our new apartment, so we got on.

The view from our window

Upon arrival we were greeted by one of the E&M workers, and she showed us to our new apartment, leaving us with the keys and the address of our new workplace. The work starts tomorrow at 10 AM sharp.

Our kitchen

Tired from my eventful day, I decide to head out to buy some necessities from the local shop and soon after finishing this blog post call it a night.

Sleep is the poor man’s dinner


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