18.2-20.2 Finale

Monday Earlier I informed education & mobility about my plans, and today we had a meeting before work. They told me they were disappointed in me and signed my papers telling me to also inform Jose immediately, so I did. Told Jose I quit, he signed my done working hours and we shook hands. Education... Continue Reading →

9.2-10.2 New friend?

Weekend started with Jose asking Oona to work on saturday, she said no and headed to the beach. I continued to sleep and spent the whole day in bed, with the few exceptions of bathroom breaks and meals. Shopping mall at the main street On sunday morning we got a message that at around 5... Continue Reading →

4.2-8.2 I haven’t touched a computer yet

Monday We headed to the E&M office and met with Jose and he signed our papers and we started the work right away heading to a customer living nextdoor to our apartment, everyone speaking spanish we couldn't understand much. Jose climbed to the roof and checked the antenna for problems and then we left to... Continue Reading →

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