18.2-20.2 Finale


Earlier I informed education & mobility about my plans, and today we had a meeting before work.

They told me they were disappointed in me and signed my papers telling me to also inform Jose immediately, so I did.

Told Jose I quit, he signed my done working hours and we shook hands.

Education & mobility promised me a ride to the airport.


Most would have spent the day enjoying themselves, but I didn’t feel the need since I have enough bills waiting for me at home, so another day spent doing absolutely nothing.


The day of departure, I got a taxi ride to the airport by the education & mobility and got an server error on my flight ticket just before showing it to board the plane, but I got in anyway without a boarding pass using memory and diplomacy combined with luck, so I made it to Gran Canaria, and from there back to Helsinki without any further problems.

After landing to the airport and retrieving my luggage, I got a ride home from my dad and went to sleep immediately.

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  1. Harmi, että jakso päättyi näin. Toivottavasti kuitenkin jatkat kirjoittamista jossakin muodossa, koska olet siinä todella lahjakas! Huolimatta sisällöstä blogiasi oli hauska seurata, koska osasit kirjoittaa ikävistäkin asioista humoristisesti ja itseironisesti.



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