16.2-17.2 How much energy does a kid have?


During morning we were waiting for a call to work, but Jose told us we we’re free for today.

In the later morning my flatmates and I decided to climb one of the high hills at Fuerteventura, walked up there and returned down, we had fun.

The view from the top of the hill.

Oona and I went to do some shopping and I picked up some stuff for my godmother, then we went to Burgerking to eat.

At evening I informed education and mobility about my return plans and they decided to talk about it with me on monday.

Later we also visited a Mojito bar with my flatmates and had a drink, but soon afterwards I returned to our apartment alone as the others started overdoing it. Alcoholics.

I spent rest of the night alone on the roof.

I also noticed that someone had left a kind comment on one of my posts and it made my day. Thank you kind stranger. 🙂


Today. I. Did. Absolutely. Nothing.

Spent the entire day in my room alone, everyone else disappeared somewhere and I wasn’t feeling up to doing any solo expeditions.

The whole day I’ve been in my room, I could hear an asian kid screaming and running next door non-stop and their father yelling too, really annoying but kind of fascinating at the same time too. I bet I could power an entire generator using only that kid’s temper tantrums.


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