9.2-10.2 New friend?

Weekend started with Jose asking Oona to work on saturday, she said no and headed to the beach.

I continued to sleep and spent the whole day in bed, with the few exceptions of bathroom breaks and meals.

Shopping mall at the main street

On sunday morning we got a message that at around 5 PM here would be arriving another finnish girl and I’d have to change rooms to make room, I wasn’t too happy about that, but complied regardless.

Ships and boats on the dock

Things seem to be going downhill for me as in for right now, but maybe I’m just having a streak of bad luck.

One thought on “9.2-10.2 New friend?

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  1. It might seem dark right now, but take your time and try to enjoy little things on a daily basis.

    Bad luck always ends at some point 🙂


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