How to graduate to being guide without stress :)

Hi, I’m Kirsi Vähä-Parri from Turku, Finland. I’m fired up 50 years old woman who wanted something new to her life. Over year ago I desided to resign my permanent job and started to study travelling.

In September I started eight weeks studying period in Fuengirola, Spain. I’m studying to become a travel guide in Aurinkorannikon Matkaopaskoulu. Time in here has been very interesting. A lot of new things to learn and lot of new places to see .

El Toro

El Toro is watching the city in top of hills so after five weeks being here I finally walked there and climbed up to Toro. Evening time I have walked around the city and try to learn all places.

We got our uniforms
Churros & café solo in siesta

At school we have had lessons in English, Swedish and Spanish. Now all language lessons are done and we have had already examines. I got good points in every language jeiiiiii.

We had also actitivity guide course. We learned how to be good actitivity guide to children or to senior. Also how we keep pool aerobics, pilates or muscle training. We also organiced Family Fun Day in the beach. That was a lot of fun 🙂

Family Fun Day

Mostly we have free weekends or at least free sundays in here. Every sunday I have made some trip with my friend Katja and sometimes someone else has come with us. We have visit in Ronda, Marbella, Torremolinos, Málaga, Benalmadena hills and Nerja. We have hiked up to Mijas mountains and hiked from Nerja to Frigiliana village over to mountains. Thats why we dont have any stress 🙂

Málaga beach
Mijas mountain
In Marbella
In Benalmadena mountain
Gorge town Ronda
Just enjoying of life

We have learn how to be an interesting guide in excursion. I have made two different guidance. One in Cala de Mijas and one in Paloma Park in Benalmadena. I liked both and would like to be guide in excursions. That would be best.

We bought a trip to Morocco with guide that we could learn from her. But she was so bad guide that we were just five of us together in Tanger. That day was so relaxing and interesting.

Going to Morocco

I always want to learn of local culture and that´s why we have made these trips all over the southt of Spain. Our teacher told that we have made more trips than anyone before in this school. He was suprised and also happy what we are doing in our freetime. Ten points to us 🙂

Katja and me in Caminito del Rey

On friday six of us visited in Kings trail, in Caminito del Rey. It has been one of Worlds dangerous trail but now it has been build up again. In the weekend we first visited in Nerja Caves and after we hiked throught mountains to Frigiliana village. Amazing !!!

In Nerja Caves
Somewhere in mountains on the way to Frigiliana.
Katja and me in Balcony of Europe

These six and half weeks has been amazing time in many way. I have learned a lot of spanish culture and people. And whats the best that I´m almost graduated travelling guide. Ten days to go! Thank you Raseko that I got this opportunity!!!!


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