My studies in Travel guide school in Fuengirola

Me after one successful guided tour.

My name is Katja Koskinen, I’m 38-year-old student from Turku, Finland. I’m about to finish my last studies in Raseko and accomplishing travel guide course here in Fuengirola, Spain. I got this great opportunity to come and study here in this Finnish travel guide school Aurinkorannikon Matkaopaskoulu to get the best possible education available in becoming a good travel guide. Our studies here last eight weeks and there are sixteen students in my class from all over Finland. Most students in our class are very young and me and my two room mates are actually quite a lot older and therefor put together in the same apartment. We’ve had a great time together here and this has been a memorable experience for all of us I bet.

Me and my schoolmate Kirsi with our new uniforms.

We have studied theory about guiding different groups of customers, transportation service in destination, Spanish, Swedish, English and also about how everything works in destinations and in this business. The quality of the studies here is amazing and very practical. All our teachers and coaches are people who have actually worked as a guide in several different destinations for years, so we are truly learning from the best possible people. Besides theory, we’ve had a lot of practical training such as planning and performing all sorts of activities for different groups of customers. We all have had to lead two separate guided tours for actual customers. One was a guided walk to Paloma park in Benalmadena introducing mostly Mediterranean plants and some local culture and knowledge of the town itself. The other tour was Senda Litoral- coastal walk in Cala de Mijas. During this walk we talked about some local history and gave a few facts about flora and fauna in this area. As you can imagine we needed to do some work before these excursions could be performed successfully.

Me and Maksim running a work-out on the beach.

The weeks have been quite intense and time has run so fast that it is hard to comprehend that this period is now almost over. Even though it’s been hard work, we’we also had most of the weekends off and time to make some nice trips of our own. The second weekend we went to Tanger, Morocco with few of my schoolmates. I’ve visited several other interesting sites and places nearby. Two of my absolute favorite attractions here have been the famous Caminito del Ray hiking trail and also our hike from Nerja to Frigiliana, a charming mountain village above Nerja. That is at least so far, luckily we still have one whole weekend to spend here. Me and my friend Kirsi booked a room in Frigiliana and took a little break, which was very refreshing after all the hard studying we have done lately. I will miss this place, all my schoolmates and also the teachers here. We will have a graduation party the last week and some fun together before our flight back home. But after all it’s going to be nice to get back home to my family, that I’we missed a lot during this trip. It is also time for me to face new challenges with my new profession and I must say I am very exited about the future.

Tanger, Morocco.
One sunday in Marbella old town.
Caminito del Rey hiking trail.
Sunset in Frigiliana.
Balcon de Europa in Nerja.


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