The first week in Poznan

Cześć! I’m a 21 year old business school student from Raisio. I have a on-the-job-learning in Poland. I will be here for two month in a city called Poznan. Poznans population is about 530 000 and it is the fifth biggest city in Poland. I’m going to work for a company called Newell Brands. They carry brands like Dymo, Elmers, Sharpie, Yankee Candle and Papermate. Customer support (B2C and B2B) and Customer service (B2B) is located in the Poznan office. There are several teams working for customer service. They are divided by regions for example I’m working with team Scandinavia. They for example process customer orders, solve problems that the customers might have.

The journey to Poland began 2am from Turku buss station to Helsinki-Vantaa airport. The flight landed to Copenhagen where I had to wait for four hours for the next flight. From there it was about 45 minute flight to Poznan. At the airport I met my contact person for the company. He drove me to my apartment where I got the keys, settled down and started my exploration.

On tuesday I started my work. As I mentioned earlier I work with team Scandinavia. They have three Polish emplyees, two of which speak Swedish and one who speaks Danish. Finnish and Norwegian customers are divided evenly to everyone. Communication language with them is English. My first week went by fast. I learned how to create, check and edit orders, release orders to the warehouse, create invoices etc.

Andersia Business Center (the office)

On friday we had a dayoff due to All Saint’ Day. Only few places were open so I just explored around the city and went to the movies. The Old town of Poznan is very pretty. There are a lot of old buildings, some are in more better condition than others. There are parts of town that have very new and modern buildings.

Saturday was dedicated to shopping. Poznan is full of shopping centers. One of the biggest ones is Avenida. Buss station, tram station and train station are located there. There are also many well known stores like Tk Maxx, Pull and Bear, Stradivarius, Tally Weijl, Adidas, Bershka, MAC, Mango, Sephora, Terranova and so much more. It was first a little bit overwhelming but you get used to it quite fast. If you ever come to Poznan and want to visit the bigger shopping centers, I recommend reserving a whole day to spend there. I spent there about 6 hours 😉 I can already tell you that Poznan is a shoppers dream.

The huge shopping center Avenida


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