Jungles, games and independence

The work week was usual and quite peaceful. I have started to create and approve the orders on my own and also communicate with the customers. It’s funny to see how surprised Finnish customers are when they get answers and replies in Finnish. Usually they get their service in English.

The programs that we use to create and deal with the orders are starting to feel familiar. We use this website called Esker to enter the orders to the system. First you have to forward the email with the order to Esker. Then Esker will either automatically create the order and feed it to the system or we do it manually. From Esker the orders go to SAP. If the order goes automatically from Esker to SAP we check it to be safe. SAP is our main tool. Everything that has to do for example with orders, customers and products you can find from SAP.

On Monday 11.11. there was a independence day of Poland. Hence that we had a day off on Monday. On Friday we celebrated the independence day at the office by eating ”Marcinki”. It is a croissant filled with poppy seed and almond paste 😋

My coworker asked me to join her and her friends to have a game night. We went to a pub called Napiwek. The pub was really cozy and people were sitting there with their friends, playing board games and having drinks. Napiwek had a nice cellar aesthetic: brick walls and gloomy lighting. The pub is apparently so popular that you have to make a reservation if you want to properly sit down with your friends. They mostly offer different kinds of beers but you can also get basic cocktails and ciders. Oh and there was a gecko terrarium right above our table. We had such a great time and lots of laughs.

On Monday I decided to celebrate the independence day by going to a botanical garden. The Palm House was impressive. There was eight different greenhouses which all of them had their own vegetation. In every room you could also view all kinds of animals. They also had a room full of aquariums, a butterfly exhibition and a cafe. The ticket was 10 zlotys which is about 2,50€. As a plant lover this was a experience I would recommend to anyone who is even little bit interested in nature or to someone who just wants to enjoy a walk in a beautiful scenery. Or if you wanna have a perfect Instagram photo 😉


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